Learn how to keep your ceramics in their original condition, just as when they first became yours

Surface Care

The majority of our pieces remain unglazed to preserve their matte finish. We safeguard them from stains and moisture with the application of a spray sealer. The impregnator we employ is transparent and not silicone-based, ensuring it won’t form a film or membrane over your piece, and it won’t scratch, loosen, or peel.

Long lasting

The impregnation lasts for several years indoors; outdoor items may require resealing every year or two, and they are generally more susceptible to discoloration due to constant exposure. Resealing a ceramic object is a quick process, taking only a few minutes. For additional information on the sealing procedure, please reach out to us.

Routine cleaning

Use a soft cloth dampened with water, and if necessary, a small amount of mild soap.

tomo magazine tray front view


Please avoid impacts and refrain from dragging sharp objects across the surface. Do not allow liquids to linger on the surface for extended periods. Use only neutral or gentle cleaners, never use aggressive cleaners or abrasive cleaning agents such as scouring powder. Do not use vinegar, citric acid, alcohol, spot removers, thinners, acetone, ammonia, bleach, limestone cleaner or any fluid containing these substances. Please note that our products are not intended for use by children.


Each product is available in several colors and has been handcrafted in our green-powered lab.

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