Bananaceramics is a celebration of craftsmanship, design, and the allure of ceramic. Founded in 2021 by Italian designer Daniele De Carolis with the invaluable support of his partner Jeroen Clarijs, our story unfolds in the heart of Holland.

We believe in creating objects that stand the test of time, both in terms of durability and aesthetic appeal. We are devoted to celebrating the timeless beauty of ceramic and exploring its potential in interior design. 
All with a touch of creativity and humor.

vich vase front view

Our approach involves reimagining everyday objects in a refreshingly simple yet original manner, seeking to make a statement with elegance. Our designs embody enduring forms that emerge from the harmonious blend of geometry and imagination, beautifully complemented by a vibrant palette of colors.

At the heart of this project, we find our passion for art, design, and, above all, the enchanting colors of the Mediterranean Sea. Join us on this creative adventure as we blend tradition with innovation. Discover more of Daniele De Carolis’s work here.


Each product is available in several colors and has been handcrafted in our green-powered lab.

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